Integral, critical to financial performance while maximising profitability, your Chief Financial Officer needs to be a diverse analytical thinker. Add to the mix of a highly complex government taxation and financial reporting compliance process, your CFO also needs to be sounding board for growth opportunities.

Managing quarterly and yearly budgets, centred on cost of goods, sales projection while maximising gross and net margins through to end of year P&L. Each business functions needs to rely on your CFO to guide you through existing and new business viability and estimated return. CFO ability to navigate investment cost through taxation and P&L compliance is critical element.

In many ways Sales & Marketing lead the projection on growth, manufacturing lead in part on the COGS. Collectively supported by all business functions ensuring DIFOT & Quality is delivered to consumer or B2B expectations. 

An effective CFO will ensure the management of finances and money, cash flow and finance performance in a sustainable trading environment, maximising profitability for shareholders and business owners.

So from the CEO, COO through to executive General Manager to Commercial Director rely on the due diligence and regulatory compliance piece the CFO provides. CFO contribution to Finance options, Operational support through to reporting and presentation to Board on Governance & Compliance and legal matters that are required.

Finally, so your growth strategies that include expansion through Merger & Acquisition, Capital Investment, R&D or Innovation investment require thorough due diligence by a leading professional CFO, a CFO that not only understands ANZ but the complex trading environments of Asia Pacific and beyond.

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