Science and

When focussing on Science and Technology trends, traditional manufacturing industries in Australia are in the process of leaving these shores permanently or are already long gone. Think of the car industry, electronic components  and electrical goods to name a few.

The pharmaceutical, medical device, vitamins and bioscience industry is not one that immediately comes top of mind as an area for employment in Australia.  However,  there is strong growth in these segments with a particular focus of manufacture and supply to Asia. Australia is highly regarding in the Asia Pacific region for advanced manufacturing processes, installation and validation of robotics and sophisticated supply chain solutions.  With quality and continuity of supply being high SIFOTIS performance indicators by businesses in the region the pressure in on business to find the right people to support the growth.


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Talent Focus is positioned well, having a science and technology recruitment team that worked within the industry for 10 + years but also recruited in the bio science manufacturing area for over 15 years.  Our network of science and technology candidates and contacts is massive with strong ties and trust generated through relationships sustained for over 25 years, in some cases.

Science and Technology Recruitment Specialists in Sydney
  • Aseptic Filling Team Leader
  • Formulation & Filling Leader
  • Batch Mixing Supervisor
  • Sterile Room Processing Operator
  • Plant Microbiologist
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Quality Manager
  • Patent Engineer
  • WH&S Officers and Managers
  • Medical Prcoess Engineer
  • Robotic Engineer
  • Continuous Improvement Engineer
  • Batch Approval Quality Assurance Officer
  • Validation Engineer
  • Computer Validation Officer
  •  SAP APO Supply Planner