It is pivotal to secure an effective and responsive Human Resource Director who will be responsible for driving front line culture and people within a broader performance based environment across multiple business functions. Apart from managing people with skill sets across all operations, the extra responsibility of human resources and WH&S of the company workforce is often added.

A successful Human Resource Director will transform an organisation’s culture to achieve the overall business plan while changing the focus of the senior leaders through development and mentoring.  Leadership of all HR efforts during mergers and acquisitions of both customers and businesses, is essential.  The Human Resource Director will create a high performing HR team through strong operational links with the business leaders.

The development and implementation of talent management strategies to address the workforce of the future, as well as increase brand awareness and address talent attraction, is all expected. Human Resource often plays an important contribution towards payroll and expense management – to drive a culture of reduced employee expense within the business.

Employee Engagement Strategies is often paired with mentoring and implementation of global initiatives to increase overall employee engagement. Human Resources are required to be the ambassador for culture, change and arbitration to dispute.

People and Culture requires strong comprehensive strategic planning, project management through to strong understanding multiple business function needs and challenges. Leadership through complex change via capital expenditure or new process technologies requires vision, communication and transfer of knowledge through peer to peer technology transfer.

Human resources require a strong balance of EQ& IQ to show resource leadership. Investment within human capital shares a reliance on technology to drive down or keep cost competitive amongst global trading environments while securing the best possible resources.

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