The Human Resource Director is the custodian and leader responsible for driving the front line when it comes to people and culture within a broader performance based operating environment.

Taking responsibility for the transformation of the organisation’s culture and leading the business through development and mentoring of its employees is an important attribute – such as successfully leading, the HR efforts through a range of various organisation situations i.e. during M&A or demerger.

When creating a high performing HR Team, owning People & Culture is paramount to success, from strong operational links with the business leaders all way down to the junior employees. Top down communication, ambassadors and setting peer examples is critical and credible towards culture direction.

A change to People and Culture requires strong comprehensive strategic planning, project management through to strong understanding multiple business function needs and challenges.

Communication is paramount – has your industry changed? – Are you now requiring a more flexible, agile workforce?

Your Human Resource Director are required to align HR processes to best practise and achieve an increased focus on Employee Engagement.  Achieving a year on year increase to the overall engagement of the workforce will see a change to People & Culture. This requires time, patience and sacrifice but again communication, communication and communication.

You may ask how do you achieve a change in culture? Engage in external consultant support, hire expertise to work your workforce internally – understand your benchmark, your target. Create a survey, understand your current position. Pin point the road, the road blocks and the hard decisions – make the hard decisions first.

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