As a Sales Director you are faced with a challenging role within any organisation or market place. Growth in sales is the goal, expanding market share is utopia and your organisation is either within Private Ownership, Private Equity or part of a Corporate Shareholder Structure and each will have its own processes and demands. So where does all the good ideas and growth opportunities arise from?  Great ideas can often be found right in front of you. Does your sales team have the answers, or are you’re driven by Consumer Insights via the Marketing function? You are the sales director, you are harvesting – throwing around some ideas amongst your team and here it comes … “we tried that 10 years ago and it didn’t work”… Maybe so, but let’s give it go, why didn’t it work 10 years ago? You need to capture the essence of ideas [old and new], mix n match ideas, brainstorm, provide the enablers, create the benchmark for success and generate a project team separate to the day to day business. Ensure the project team has your top rain makers and not you order takers, sorry “negativity”, step aside please! Be positive – have a “the glass is half full” attitude and have clear objectives with an implemented timeline. Budget and decide on a financial return objective. Be agile and nimble to change tack when it doesn’t go to plan and communicate all results – good or bad.

As a sales director, leadership through sales growth can be tough yet rewarding both financially and intellectually. To hold your ground when growth is not happening, or consumers taking your growth projections in another direction. 

Your well trained eye for detail and your focus on growth are paramount, while communicating with your team. Being market relative and on point is crucial.

You are a top Sales Director, leading and collating ideas. You have the talent and expertise to roll out new initiatives under challenging   circumstances. You are a builder, a facilitator and a forecaster to prosperous growth – both within your team and the broader business.

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